1. Is Livenup Concepts a Store?

Yes, Livenup Concepts is a Trusted Store for bicycles in Bangalore since 2014. The Proprietor having worked with TI Cycles of India for 8 years in an All India position comes with over 15 years of retail experience in cycles and retail both at National and International levels. LivenupConcepts.com is their ecommerce wing to facilitate bookings online.

  1. I am a bit confused about the right bicycle for me?

www.livenupconcepts.com has a simple four way method that will help you choose your bicycle. Request you to kindly go through the same. If you continue to have a doubt you can either visit the store where the team will help you or you can call us on our support number. You can either book it online or from the store.

  1. How do I apply for Insurance for my bicycle?

The insurance for the bicycle is an additional product that you may wish to ‘add to cart’ during the checkou8t process. The insurance will cover Theft and Damages. Please click on “Insure My Bicycle” as an option during the checkout process and follow the directions given. The insurance policy will be sent to your email id and your registered mobile number . For cliams

  1. When do I get my bicycle once placed order?

Currently all deliveries are restricted to the city of Bangalore. The time taken for delivery depends on:

  • If the desired bicycle is available with Livenup Concepts – within 24-36hours of Order
  • If the desired bicycle is not available with Livenup Concepts and available at the Brand’s warehouse – within 8-12 working day from order
  • In the unlikely situation where the desired bicycle is not available with Livenup Concepts and not available at the Brand’s warehouse and customer has paid for the bicycle– The amount will be refunded back with 48-72 hours of payment
  1. Why should I place order with Livenup Concepts?

Livenup Concepts is a full fledged bicycle store in Bangalore with good exposure to cycles. The team and the management are passionate about this subject and this can be seen both at store and on the ecommerce site. Every Bicycle that get delivered will have

  1. The bicycle in a fully fitted and ready to ride condition.
  2. The bicycle shall have all free accessories fitted before the bicycle reaches you
  3. Every bicycle before dispatch is checked thoroughly and ensure all the components are working
  4. 1st Service can be availed free of cost by producing the bicycle at the store.
  5. Any further customisation is made available for bicycles
  6. All warranty as per Brand’s guidelines are made available
  7. Helps you select the correct bicycle for your usage
  1. What is 1st Service Free?

Customers of www.livenupconcepts.com are eligible for the 1st free service under the following terms and conditions. Customers can avail their 1st free service within 4 months from the date of invoice. There shall be only one free service that can be availed by the customer of www.livenupconcepts.com. Customers should bring the bicycle to the workshop at the Livenup Concepts store only to avail the free service.  Home visits for free services as a service is not yet introduced. Till such time customers are requested to bring the cycle with the invoice to the workshop  The invoice from www.livenupconcepts.com  is compulsory and should be produced to avail the free service at the Livenup Concepts Store.

  1. Is the delivery only for Bangalore?

To ensure that all dispatches happen to our level of satisfaction we ensure to work in limited geography initially. For orders from outside of Bangalore, request you to call our support team who will be happy to help you.

  1. There is a problem with my cycle?

Livenup Concepts has its own checklist to ensure that all bicycles in good shape and all accessories are fitted before dispatch. The cycles will be delivered free of cost to the customer’s door step too. In any unforeseen circumstance that the bicycle has a problem, we request you to immediately raise a complaint to the support team. We will understand the concern and come with a suitable solution as soon as possible.

  1. I have some accessories that need to be fitted on my bicycle?

As part of the regular fitment every bicycle will be fitted with company provided accessories along with all accessories on offer provided by www.livenupconcepts.com. Over and above if you have specific accessories that need to be added, you can do the following:

  1. Please add to cart the accessories during the time of billing (in the same order) so that the accessories are added/ fixed on the bicycle before dispatch
  2. If there are specific accessories that you want us to fix that you have with you, you can send the same to the Livenup Concepts Store and we will be happy to fix the same.
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